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Design leotard

Do you want to look special?

Do you want to have something unique and extraordinary?

Do you want to be a creator, a master?

We can give you this wonderful opportunity!

Leotard is a very important part of each performance! It helps to feel confident, it inspires to win, it attracts the attention, it brings the aesthetic enjoyment and it makes you stand out from the rest of participants. So, set your imagination free! Let your ideas and wishes come true and be sure that we will assist you all the way through manufacturing process.

As we have been working with gymnasts for 10 years, more than 200 leotards were created according to the customers’ wishes. The rapturous testimonials always make us feel delighted and happy.

Here you can place an order for a custom rhythmic gymnastics leotard (or coverall) or to order the design of leotard’s sketch. It’s a very simple and exciting process. All you need is to choose a photo (or sketch) of the leotard you like and also a photo of a gymnast who wants to wear it, then attach both photos to the order. Indicate all the necessary measurements in the first section and fill in all your contact details.

Our specialists will count the price of a ready garment, which depends on the complexity level, and our sales manager will inform you about it. After that you order will be taken to the tailoring manufacture.

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Wrap the tape measure around largest part of neck (base of neck).

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Here you can upload photos of the leotard you like and a photo of a gymnast, who wants to wear it. Upload as many as you like! We recommend the following formats: JPG, GIF, PNG

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