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Choosing fabrics for gymnastics leotard

Gymnastic leotards market is peppered with offers. Besides that, prices vary depending on producer, and the difference can be 300%. Leotards seem to be similar at first sight: complicated cutting, painting, shine. However, if we probe deeper we become to understand why the difference can be so significant.

This article is about fabrics for gymnastic leotard. Not so many fabrics are used to sew leotards: as a rule they are mesh, stretch lycra and hologram fabrics. However, only these fabrics provide high quality and durability of leotards.

Fabrics can be produced in various countries. European countries, such as England and Italy, are supposed to be the leading producers of professional fabrics. Fabrics, produced in these countries, easily return to the initial shape after being stretched, sustain color and they are pleasant for a skin. And that means that leotard will serve gymnast for years and then it could be given to another gymnast who will perform in this leotard several times.

Korean fabrics (especially, hologram mesh) quickly deform if they are stretched all the time, some defects appear on them (holes and runners) so that leotard quickly loses its look.

For our leotards we use Italian fabrics in the basic part of the garment and Korean fabrics at the lower part of the skirt and trimming (stitching, painting etc.). Being skillful in matching different fabrics we achieved the optimal combination of price and quality. That means that our leotards for gymnastic are best in their quality, durability and reasonable in price.