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"June 04, 2013. merci beaucoup pour les justaucorps, elle sont étais magnifique, en plus elles nous ont porté chance merci encore et à très bientôt! Thank you for cheering words and great rhythmic gymnastics leotard. Good luck in all your future orders and plans. See you soon!"
Silvia, FR
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Training leotards

Yin & Yang Accurate, clear lines helps to concentrate supremely well! $ 13 ,– Add to wishlist
Chicken Very positive! $ 32 ,– Add to wishlist
Fairy Fairies love to work all sorts of tricks and miracles! $ 25 ,– Add to wishlist
Abstraction Comfortable leotard! $ 30 ,– Add to wishlist
Snowdrop Amazing and bright flower! $ 30 ,– Add to wishlist
Arabic Night Good for any dancing or gymnastics classes $ 29 ,– Add to wishlist
Peony Proper combination of colors! $ 30 ,– Add to wishlist

Gymnastics Training Leotards

Rhythmic gymnastics training leotards require special parents’ attention, firstly, because they are quite necessary for rhythmic gymnastics, secondly, because gymnasts spend the better part of educational process in them. That’s why training suit should be soft for the skin, right in size and pretty.

Comfort of the rhythmic gymnastics competitive leotard depends on the fabrics (very often gymnastics leotards are made of Italian cotton) and style (for example, if it’s cold in the gym, it’s better to wear a rhythmic leotard with a long sleeve and band-collar).

Right size is important as it influences on confidence during the training and full feeling of the body.

Beauty of the training costume for rhythmic gymnastics also plays an important role, because rhythmic gymnasts should be able to express themselves even at the training, feel the beauty and aesthetics of the rhythmic gymnastics costume.

We offer wide range of training suits for rhythmic gymnastics made of cotton and stretch lycra.

Quantity of Crystals

While ordering a leotard you may choose as many crystals as you want, and not only the standard quantity that we offer

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